A new way to treat migraines.
An alternative to medication.

Many migraine patients suffer despite their medication. Our treatment addresses the causes of migraines.

Take the free test to see whether our treatment method is suitable for your migraine.

Migraine treatment by relieving the trigeminal nerve

Our migraine therapy aims to relieve the nerves that are constricted by muscles at the pain points. Originally discovered by removing the corrugator muscle to treat frown lines, doctors discovered in the 1990s that this method led to a significant reduction or complete disappearance of migraines in many patients. Further developed and scientifically substantiated by extensive research, we offer customised solutions that are tailored to the individual patient.

Our results speak for themselves

Results of a survey of patients one year after their treatment


completely migraine-free


frequency and intensity of migraine attacks are more than halved

Therapy procedure

Each treatment is preceded by a detailed consultation.
This ensures the high effectiveness of our treatment method.

  1. Complete our online questionnaire free of charge
  2. Your questionnaire will be reviewed by the medical team
  3. Initial consultation
  4. Simulation of an operation using test injections
  5. If there is a clear improvement in the migraine, you will be advised about surgery

What our patients say

"The migraine pain was hell. The treatment was the best decision of my life; I am a new person."

"The attacks took me out of life for days. Now I'm back and don't have to be afraid."

"The feeling of not being able to help was very stressful for me as a mum. Now we can laugh again."

Causes of migraine in the Migraine Compass©

The Migraine Compass© helps you to create your personal migraine profile and find out whether migraine surgery is an option for you.

With the Migraine Compass©, we have created a simple way for you to understand the causes of migraines, just like in an initial anamnesis interview. Find out whether our treatment is suitable for you.

Simply start today with the online test.


Your treating doctor

Professor Dr. Thomas Muehlberger

Professor Dr Thomas Muehlberger

"As a doctor, it is fulfilling to come across a method that can treat patients who suffer from incredible pain and are sometimes torn from life for days on end in such a way that they usually never have to return to our practice." - Dr Thomas Muehlberger

  • Founder and Director of the Migraine Surgery Centre
  • Author of numerous medical publications on the subject of migraines
  • Author of the textbook on migraine surgery

Important questions and answers about our treatment method

Statutory health insurance companies do not cover the costs, but we can help you apply for coverage from private health insurance companies.
The costs depend on the number of areas affected by the migraine, e.g. forehead, temples or eyebrows, and range from £450.00 to £900.00.
In extremely rare cases, there may be temporary wound healing problems.
Any scars in the facial area are no longer visible after a few weeks. The scar on the neck is located in the hair area and is therefore very inconspicuous.
You will know exactly what the result will be before the operation as the injections at the beginning of the treatment simulate the result of the operation. This means that the improvement you experience during the effect of the injections will remain permanent to exactly the same extent after the operation.

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